As a DVM, Steven Leshem helps people and their companion animals stay healthy, treat injuries and other maladies, and get preventive care for potential conditions. One of the groups Steven Leshem works with toward this end is the H.O.P.E. Spay/Neuter Clinic, an organization in Plantsville, Connecticut that offers low-cost spaying and neutering for pets, helping to control the pet population.

Thanks to the support of doctors like Steve Leshem, H.O.P.E. can offer a variety of programs to support the community in addition to their conventional spaying and neutering work. H.O.P.E. offers low-cost spaying and neutering services for all Connecticut residents, but also further discounts its dog spaying and neutering services for those receiving state or federal income assistance through programs like Husky A or Social Security. It also offer spaying and neutering services at reduced cost for pit bulls and pit bull mixes, as these make up many of the state’s unwanted animals, often ending up homeless or needlessly put to sleep.