Steven Leshem, DVM, a veterinary surgeon with more than 13 years of experience, has completed and written several research publications and presentations that have been presented before Veterinary Orthopedic Society meetings and Hartford County Veterinary Association meetings. Steve Leshem’s experience in the field has also led him to being a content and question writer contributor with VetPrep.

First started in 2003 in response to a group of veterinary students’ frustration at the lack of North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) preparation resources, VetPrep’s site went live in 2006 as a high-quality study resource. The site’s state-of-the-art technology was developed by a team of professors and students, and it has continually grown since its inception.

VetPrep’s team of content providers and reviewers are experts within the field of veterinary medicine and cover a wide range of specialties. The site is continually reviewed for student feedback, ensuring VetPrep’s interactive resources are up to date. This commitment to excellence has kept the site useful, as has been shown in recent surveys from the Student American Veterinary Medical Association, which reported that 99 percent of surveyed students found the site useful, and 78 percent found it very useful. As a way of showing its appreciation for the students it has helped, VetPrep has sponsored multiple veterinary charitable causes and student events.