A board-certified veterinary surgeon at the Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut, Steven Leshem, DVM, is a published veterinarian. Steve Leshem is affiliated with TopDog Health & Rehabilitation and is included in its extensive veterinary surgeon directory.

TopDog was founded in 2004 as a canine rehabilitation facility. It has provided essential information to pet owners regarding their pet’s rehabilitation needs and provides information about dogs undergoing age-related health issues and orthopedic surgery. The site’s numerous instructional videos explain the basics of pet physical therapy, and the organization maintains a central directory of rehabilitation facilities and veterinary surgeons across the United States.

At its online Rehabilitation Center, TopDog Health provides a host of videos and documents designed to help owners make the best decisions for their pets. It includes a comprehensive rehabilitation checklist that includes everything from reading home rehab guides to finding the right joint supplement and testing the dog’s fitness level. TopDog also includes a Frequently Asked Questions and joint health area for quick information. The online Rehabilitation Center’s videos cover a wide range of topics, such as moist heat therapy, stair exercise for strength improvement, and curb walking for balance.