Veterinary surgeon Steven Leshem, DVM, treats animals at Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut. A Tufts University graduate, Dr. Steve Leshem completed his residency in small animal surgery at Iowa State University. Additionally, Dr. Steven Leshem is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS).

The ACVS has been dedicated to the maintenance of professional standards within the veterinary field since its founding in 1965. Through its credentialing, certification, and continued education programs, the ACVS hopes to advance the science and art of veterinary surgery and animal care. The organization also strives to promote excellence within the field through its support of public education and research.

The ACVS offers training programs for residents at a variety of veterinary schools and practices. Through the residency program, veterinarians are able to receive the additional training they need to practice veterinary surgery. The residency program also serves as a foundation for receiving ACVS board certification. To apply for the certification examination, residents are required to demonstrate knowledge of various surgical procedures within their field of study.