Steven Leshem, associate veterinarian and surgeon at Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut, specializes in neurosurgery and orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. His expertise includes using arthroscopic and laparoscopic techniques. With a long history of serving the community, Steve Leshem, DVM, also volunteered for the Colorado AIDS Project for more than two years while working at Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado.

The Colorado AIDS Project was founded to reduce the rate of HIV infection and to serve people who are living with the disease. Its programs focus on educating about prevention and expanding access to health care for infected individuals. The organization advocates on behalf of those carrying the virus, seeking to change the stigma around HIV and to reduce assumptions about how the disease is transmitted.

After operating in the state for more than a decade, the Colorado AIDS Project launched a new statewide initiative in October 2011. Through enhanced coordination among agencies, program leaders plan to create greater efficiencies so that the organization’s funding can have a broader impact.