A surgeon at Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut, Steven Leshem is board certified in veterinary surgery and has attained certifications in Vet-Stem technology and Penn-Hip screenings. He is a member in good standing with the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association.

In 2007, Steve Leshem, DVM, assisted with a surgery on an orangutan residing at the Great Ape Trust, also known as the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary. The staff veterinarian, Dr. Brigetta Hughes, had decided to surgically treat the orangutan, Knobi, in order to relieve pain, irregular bleeding, and recurring urinary tract infections due to a benign uterine fibroid tumor. The surgery was performed at Iowa State’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

The surgical team, which also included Drs. Dennis Riordan and David Merkley, opted to remove the orangutan’s ovaries rather than her entire uterus. Doctors agreed that this less-extensive surgery would help relieve Knobi’s symptoms since ovarian removal would prompt hormonal changes that would likely shrink the tumor. The animal recovered well from surgery.