Extensively trained in veterinary ultrasound techniques, Steven Leshem, D.V.M., uses the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services of Companion Imaging, LLC, as a resource for diagnosing animals suffering from internal health complications. Companion Imaging recently opened a location in West Hartford, Connecticut, where Dr. Steve Leshem has spent more than five years as the Associate D.V.M. for Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut.

Companion Imaging MRI scans primarily are used for the diagnosis of internal injuries and pathologies, which can otherwise be difficult to assess without exploratory surgery. The scans are produced using magnetic induction and radio waves as means of “seeing” inside the body without puncturing the skin. The feedback from the MRI machine is synthesized into a three-dimensional image that helps veterinarians examine details of internal anatomy that are often invisible on X-ray slides and computed axial tomography (CT) scans. MRI scans also offer the advantage of sparing patients the ionizing radiation produced by the CT process and X-ray equipment.